Bangladeshi Psychedelic Rock Band

HIGHWAY came into existence with Aether’s fascination for blues, rock and roll, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock.
Over the years, we have been working on our “kalponik” debut album – Train Poka.
We hope to complete it this year alongside the latest album – Jacchi Kothay.


Train Poka

A “kalponik” debut album

Crossing Point

Instrumental album


Aether’s solo album

Mrito Deher Gaan

Another attempt at another album

Jacchi Kothay

Another attempt at another album

HIGHWAY: By the Numbers

At HIGHWAY, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Rooted in Bangladesh, we have consistently pushed the envelope in psychedelic rock, creating classic grooves that captivate modern listeners. Our dedication to music is steadfast, making us a beacon for innovative rock experiences.


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Countries Toured

Fans Share HIGHWAY’s Rock Journey

Explore testimonials from those who have experienced our psychedelic rock vibes. Discover their stories and the impact we’ve had on their musical lives.

HIGHWAY’s music transformed my artistic vision, opening up new creative possibilities.

Ashley Davis

Lead Vocalist

Amazing energy and creative vibes with HIGHWAY!

Robert Wilson

Sound Engineer

HIGHWAY’s sound took my music to another level!

Megan Anderson


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188 Hood Avenue

Dhaka, Bangladesh